I'm back.

I've been dealing with an illness for the last two-three months. Somewhere along the line I decided I wasn't going to post* until I was feeling better. I'm not sure if that desciption is really accurate, but at least I am ready to go back to work on Monday.

Note: If you already know what the illness is, no explanation is necessary. If you don't, no explanation will be forthcoming. Sorry.

*replies do not count as posts, IMHO.
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The test is over; I think I passed. I wish it didn't take two-three months to find out.
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Testing, testing

I took a sample test for my exam and got 20/40. That sounds terrible, but the truth is that passing is just above 20 -- so now I know that I actually have a shot at passing.
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The new neighbor

Life's been more interesting since the new neighbor moved in about a month ago. So far he has nailed a mailbox to a tree, claimed to see a monkey in our backyard, and shot fireworks in the middle of the night (fireworks are illegal in Jersey). Today he is spray-painting his car. In wet weather.

The mailbox has to be seen to be believed. I'll see if I can upload a picture. The mailbox is homemade from wood, painted green with hand lettering and has peeling aluminum on its lid.

Last but not least, he has an annoying poodle that yaps, poops in our yard, and wants to get my purebred dachshund pregnant. faintheart, you don't have your old BB gun somewhere do you?
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Holes and stuff

Stuff first. Was introduced to a fiendish puzzle game named Aargon which involves multi-colored lasers. You have to combine the lasers in different ways (reflection, combination etc.) to get to certain points and to make sure you don't accidentally blow things up. Reminded me why I don't play video games very often -- ended up staying up until almost 2am.

Holes and Holes.
1. Holes the movie. I saw it Friday night. Disney used to be in the business of taking excellent children's books and making them into decent family flicks. Perhaps they are restarting this practice, and if so, Holes is a good start. I give full recommendations to those of you liking family-fare, partial recommendations if you normally don't. Really young kids, unfortunately, may find the plot confusing.
2. Holes the adventure. Yesterday I helped Cordelia plant four rhododendrons in the yard. Instead of 5' by 5', it was more like 5" by 5". The lineup is now crooked, but so far no one has seriously complained.

(no subject)

Well, I figured out why I've been depressed lately. Not that it's going to help, can't really do anything about it, but knowing is a good thing.

Sometimes you go until you can't go anymore, and then you keep going because you don't really have any other choice.
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